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Hack showcase: GPX animator

September 21, 2019

My workspace when I had just completed a very first version of this project:

Late night coding


  • I’ve got 2-week vacation and I haven’t done any late night coding session recently. That late night time is when I find myself really having almost zero distraction, which is perfect to hack stuff.
  • I feel I’ve been focusing too much on the backend side of Android development (e.g. app architecture, database, threading). I want to create something more tangible in terms of user experience.
  • I’ve been a big fan of Relive. I’ve been using their app to visualize my cycling routes in a fancy 3D way (e.g. my YouTube video below). I’m curious how such things can be made.

What is GPX animator?

Basically if you have a GPX file which represents your rides (or your runs), GPX animator will visualize how you move on on a map. This is actually inspired by Relive.

Here is a demo for a short bike ride of mine along the Nidda river:

GpxAnimator with Mapbox

How did I make it?

Initially I did the whole animation on Google Maps. However, the performance with Google Maps was really bad. So I tried an alternative of Google Maps: Mapbox. Mapbox delivers a better animation though there are still some glitches. Here is a YouTube video that I made a comparison between Mapbox and Google Maps:

How did I parse GPX files? I used jpx. The jpx library targets Java 8. So I had to configure this Android project to target Java 8 too according to this guideline.

The code may not look quite readable as I wanted to pay more attention to the final outcome which is the animation. So, I didn’t really care much about good architecture, dependency injection or anything like that.

As usual, source code is available on my GitHub.

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