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How did I get into coding?

June 09, 2018

I was born and raised in a province in the middle of Vietnam. That place is very poor. So when I was in high school, I wondered what I’m gonna be when I went to college. I was thinking about being a musician but my dad didn’t allow at all. He’s a teacher and a musician. So he knew clearly what kind of my future is gonna be if I chose that way as my career.

And during the end of high school, back in 2007, lots of people started to use computers. Some kinda like Internet cafe started to appear in the town. So my older brother bought me a PC. It’s running Windows XP Home Edition. So I started to be obsessed with it. I spent lots of my money on buying CDs to install many different kinds of softwares like music/video player, some kind of small games, Microsoft Word, Excel, or you know, things like Adobe Photoshop, and CorelDRAW.

And then one day, a question came to my mind: How are those amazing softwares made? How can I create something like that? I got a bunch of small ideas like building a very simple calculator to solve a very basic math exercise at school. So I tried to figure it out. I went to Internet cafe to search for the answer. This is the first time I knew about Google too, how to use Google, type a keyword and got a bunch of links back on the computer screen to explore the whole world.

So eventually, I found out that, in order to create software, I need to know about something called programming language. Use that language to write instructions for the computer to do things. So I started to learn Visual Basic, a programming language invented by Microsoft.

So right now, I already knew what I should go for college. I studied very hard and managed to pass the entrance exam to one of the best universities in the south of Vietnam. And my journey to become a software engineer started on from there.

Thuy Trinh

Written by Thuy Trinh who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany building robust Android apps. You should follow him on Twitter