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Year in review: 2017

January 01, 2018

  • Set my foot in Europe (London, Frankfurt, and Berlin) for the first time.
  • Went on an adventure in Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is such an amazing city with strong diversity, friendly, honest people, and its crazy traffic congestion. Other than that, met lots of smart, excellent engineers who are very nice, and humble. Have learned many valuable lessons on respects and clear communication during the time here.
  • I failed a lot but never stop trying. Managed to attend Facebook onsite interview. I overcame one of my obstacle: algorithmic whiteboard interviews, and the feeling of being stumbled upon. Nothing fulfilled than winning yourself.
  • Owned a 4K monitor (DELL U2718Q) and a Vortex Race 3.
  • Wrote 14 blogposts on this blog. Writing my thoughts down now becomes much easier than before.
  • My little princess reached 2 years old. Having her is the most beautiful thing in my life.

What’s next in 2018? If I’m lucky, I’ll settle my new life in Frankfurt, Germany.

Thuy Trinh

Written by Thuy Trinh who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany building robust Android apps. You should follow him on Twitter